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Stuart Forsyth joins SuperIQ Board

SuperIQ is pleased to announce the appointment of Stuart Forsyth, former Assistant Deputy Commissioner for the ATO as a Board member.

Full Press Release: Appointment of Stuart Forsyth

Superannuation is one part of a complex tax picture

Andrew Bloore

A clear message from the budget is the ongoing and important role superannuation plays in minimising the fiscal cost to the taxpayer of the age pension system. Care needs to be taken when removing super incentives as there may be unexpected consequences when the entire system is considered.

SuperIQ Budget Newsletter 2014

The Abbott Government handed down its first Budget with a number of proposed changes to superannuation, taxation and social security. Measures include the introduction of a Temporary Budget Repair Levy for high-income earners, relief from superannuation excess non-concessional contributions tax, an increase to the Age Pension age and the reduction of a number of social security and family tax benefits.  The announcements need to successfully pass through both houses of Parliament before becoming law and therefore may be subject to change going through this process.

Superannuation rates and thresholds for 2014/15

The Tax Office has announced key superannuation rates and thresholds effective 1 July 2014. The increase in thresholds will have particular impact on contributions strategies. Outlined below is a summary of those thresholds and what you need to be thinking about in relation to your superannuation planning going forward.

Will the Coalition deliver its superannuation promises?

The newly elected Government had previously announced their proposed changes to superannuation. They had indicated that these proposed superannuation reforms were, and now are, part of their ongoing attempts to improve the fairness, sustainability and efficiency of the superannuation system.

The Coalition Budget Reply Speech 16 May 2013 and its Plan for Superannuation

On Thursday 16 May 2013, the Coalition leader, Tony Abbott delivered his Budget reply speech which included for the first time its plan for superannuation. The Coalition had previously stated that they would not make any unexpected changes to superannuation if they were to be elected. The announcements can perhaps illustrate that the Coalition is very confident that they will win the upcoming election.

These changes are of course only policy announcements and will form part of the Coalition proposals that they have confirmed they will take to the Federal election.

Proposed changes to superannuation

The Government announced today after much speculation their proposed changes to superannuation.  They have indicated that these proposed superannuation reforms are part of their ongoing attempts to improve the fairness, sustainability and efficiency of the superannuation system. They have not ruled out making further changes to the superannuation system in the upcoming Federal Budget.