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Getting to know your SMSF Deed FREE Seminar this December

Learn about the importance and power of a good SMSF Trust deed. Rick Goldberg from Madgwicks Lawyers talks about trust law and highlights the strengths of the Madgwicks SMSF deed, showing why 50,000 Australians are using the Madgwicks deed.

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Insurance Options and Strategies Seminar reminder

Holding personal insurance cover within a superannuation fund may provide members with several advantages.  For example certain insurance premiums that may otherwise be non deductible expenses may become deductible expenses and you may be able to access the insurance cover you need without sacrificing personal cashflow...

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SuperIQ celebrate the 30th birthday of Super Concepts

SuperIQ celebrate the 30th birthday of Super Concepts which was acquired by SuperIQ in October 2013. Super Concepts has built a great reputation for its quality SMSF Administration and Trustee Service which we have continued. Please follow Super Concepts on social media and share how Super Concepts may have helped you in the past:

SMSFs and Inter Generational Wealth Transfer webinar recording

If you were able to attend the webinar we trust you found it useful.

If you were unable to attend the webinar hopefully you can join us next time.

The webinar recording is now available as well as the slides, these and others from previous seminars can be found here:

SMSFs and Inter Generational Wealth Transfer seminar slides

If you were able to attend the seminar we trust you found it useful.  We certainly enjoyed having the opportunity to meet our clients and teach them about SMSFs and Inter Generational Wealth Transfer.

If you were unable to attend the seminar hopefully we will see you next time.

SuperIQ Seminar - SMSFs and Inter Generational Wealth Transfer

Are you the type of person who wants to spend all of your hard earned retirement savings? Or would you prefer to leave as much as possible to your children?  For most of us we probably plan to do a bit of both so being aware of inter-generational wealth transfer tactics is important.

In this workshop we will discuss topics such as:

Why SMSFs will rise above the mudslinging

The fight for super fund members is well and truly underway, and you can expect the SMSF sector to compete vigorously.

It is unlikely that retail and industry funds will ever really drive innovation in the superannuation industry – they are just too large and too slow to do it. It is much more likely that self-managed superannuation and other investment platforms will continue to drive innovation and retail and industry superannuation funds will continue to play catch-up...

CoreData Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Service Provider Award Winner

SuperIQ won another industry award – the Core Data SMSF Administrator of the Year in the Adviser category.

The finalists and winners were decided using results from CoreData's SMSF Service Provider Study 2015, which captured the feedback of SMSF trustees together with financial planners and accountants that advise on SMSFs. Nearly 1,200 responses were collated in the results and the research was conducted between 22 June and 18 August 2015.

More information can be found here:

SMSF technology isn’t standing still

Despite the rhetoric from institutional superannuation funds, the ongoing technology development of SMSFs as a simple, cost effective and self-directed superannuation vehicle continues to attract new members...

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Stuart Forsyth joins SuperIQ Board

SuperIQ is pleased to announce the appointment of Stuart Forsyth, former Assistant Deputy Commissioner for the ATO as a Board member.

Full Press Release: Appointment of Stuart Forsyth